Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump to Nation: We Are Going to Destroy Individual Health Care Insurance and Blame Democrats

President Forgets He and Republicans Are in Charge of Government.

Wondering Why Dems Are Not Participating in Health Care Debate on House Floor?

USA Today has that answer.

Republicans to Democrats:  Shut the Hell Up

Democracy in Action!!!

"The changes were offered in an attempt to attract support from the hard-line conservative House Freedom Caucus, a group of about 40 Republicans who have so far mostly opposed the repeal-and-replace bill because it retained too much of the structure of the Affordable Care Act. It was not clear Friday whether the changes were sufficient to appease that group. There will be no amendments allowed on the floor." (emphasis added)

The Coalition of Republicans Legislating Health Care in the United States - the Perfect Picture

White, Male and Mean

That's What They Are

How Did Conservatives Manage to Change the Republican Health Care Act and Raise Costs Over $150 Billion with no Increase in People Covered?

Amazing What Conservatives Can Do When They Really Try to Screw the Public

As the House scrambled last night to make changes to their health care bill to make it even more offensive so that conservatives would support it, the CBO announced that while the changes would not increase the number covered or lower the number who lose insurance, it would cost the government more than $150 billion over the next ten years.

It seems that not content with a $1 billion tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, the changes to mollify conservatives provides for another $150 billion plus in tax cuts, none of which will go to anyone but the greediest of the wealthy.

Not fair, huh, its Republican, what were you expecting.

Explaining the Inexplicable – Interpreting the Republicans on Health Care

Here’s What’s Really Happening

Why Couldn’t  Republicans Have a Vote Thursday Night?

Well Trump stepped into the negotiations directly, and the so-called deal maker could not make a deal.  Why?  Because he met some people who could not be bullied. 

How long before Trump blames Paul Ryan if this fails?

See Funk and Wagnall’s for the definition of micro-second.

Why are conservatives unhappy with the House bill?

There would still be people with health insurance, people who had low incomes and needed help with paying premiums.  Conservatives believe that no one who cannot afford health insurance should have it.

Can premiums really be lowered as conservatives want, is that possible?

Absolutely, you would be amazed how low premiums can go if coverage of medical needs is not in the policy. 

Why should men have to pay for maternity benefits?

Last we checked it was impossible to get pregnant without male involvement.

Are there any side effects to the Republican prescription for health insurance?

Yes, side effects include neuralgia, neuritis, sleep deprivation, hives, nausea, disease and death.  Some participants might turn into zombies and forced to walk the earth searching for real health care.

Do Republicans Like Sen. Heller (R. Nv) Lie Because They Have to or Just for the Fun of It

Well It Could Be Both

The standard for truth telling in politics, never very high, has now reached a new low with the new President.  Outright lying has replaced shading the truth or misleading the public.  Case in point is Senator Heller of Nevada in a Town Hall Meeting.

“It's been eight years, eight years since I've heard a treasury secretary talk about economic growth,” Heller said. “They never talked about economic growth. You know what? We didn't have economic growth for the last eight years."

United States GDP Annual Growth Rate
No, your eyes are not kidding you - the line is above zero since 2010
More facts with a liberal bias

Note that this is a totally un-necessary lie. First of all it is a statistical fact that is easily checked. Second, no on disputes that economic growth did not take place, Trump himself allows for that while claiming that he will increase it. So why lie Dean Heller? Oh, maybe you just can't help it, or maybe it is a virus that only infects Republicans seeking re-election or maybe it just feels so good.

Why Republicans Against Paul Ryan’s Non-Repeal, Non-Replace Health Care Fraud Aren’t Afraid of Trump

As a public service we take on the questions too difficult for other Forums

Question:  Why don’t the House Republicans fear that Donnie will sponsor candidates against them?

Answer:  They recognize him as a bully and bully are characterized as cowards afraid of a fair fight.  Trump will not go after these Republicans because it would involve stepping up to the plate and facing a pretty strong opponent.  Trump only goes after the weak and powerless, which explains his attacks on Medicaid.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Senate Republicans Want to Pass Health Care Bill With No Thought Whatsoever

But Maybe They Are Not Capable of Thought

If and when a health care bill passes the House the Senate Republicans want to rush it through the Senate.  The reason for the haste if obvious, if people understand what is going on they will oppose it.

“Mitch McConnell is being tasked with fixing what GOP senators and House members say is a flawed Obamacare repeal proposal — one with little to no chance of passing in that chamber in its current form — in a week’s time.

The Senate leader and his deputies are nevertheless barreling ahead — assuming a health care bill clears the House Thursday in what’s expected to be a razor-thin vote. Senate leaders say they have a plan to jam through legislation on a party-line vote next week before opposition has time to bubble up.”

Now normally Congress holds hearings on major legislation, giving supporters and detractors a voice in trying to have a rational debate on the issues.  But not this time.  The House held no hearings and it looks like the Senate is also shutting down an free speech on the issue.

Senate Republicans are unlikely to hold any committee hearings, and many of them haven’t even read what the House is about to pass. It’s unclear, to put it mildly, how proponents can placate enough moderates or conservatives to get the bill across the finish line.

But GOP leaders are showing no signs of applying the brakes.

“We’re not slowing down,” McConnell said on Tuesday. “We will reach a conclusion on health care next week.”

No, we don’t know what to call this either.  But we do know that democracy it ain’t.

Like Everyone Else, The National Restaurant Association Puts Its Own Financial Greed Ahead of Public Welfare

They Don’t Care if You Eat Too Much Salt

In New York a rule requires large restaurant chains to place a little warning symbol next to high salt items.  This is so diners can order with knowledge rather than taking in an excessive amount of salt unknowingly.  All in all it seems like a nice thing to do.

The logo of a salt shaker, meant to warn consumers of high sodium content in food, appears on a menu.
The logo of a salt shaker, meant to warn consumers of high sodium content in food, appears on a menu. PHOTO: ANDREW BURTON/GETTY IMAGES

But the trade group for restaurants doesn’t like having to tell diners there are high salt items on the menu.  So it sued.

The National Restaurant Association, a trade group, sued the city in 2015, arguing the Board of Health overstepped its authority in requiring restaurants to post the warning. A trial court judge ruled for the city last February. The association then appealed that ruling.

What was their complaint?  Oh, it cost too much to print the little symbols.

Cicely Simpson, the National Restaurant Association’s executive vice president, said the group would explore all its legal options. Local sodium rules are costly and onerous, she said. “Instead of confusing state and local mandates, we believe the best approach to disclosing nutrition information is the uniformed national menu standard that will go into effect this year,” she added.

Fortunately the appeals court upheld this common sense approach.

A panel of justices from the Appellate Division’s First Department wrote that the saltshaker warnings provide information but don’t restrict what consumers can buy. The rule, enacted by the city’s Board of Health, requires restaurants with at least 15 locations nationwide to post saltshaker icons next to items with more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium, the daily recommended limit.
“Notably, the Rule does not restrict or even regulate what Chain Restaurants may offer for sale,” they said.

Because it provides information but doesn’t restrict sales, the rule differs from a proposed ban on large sugary drinks, which the Court of Appeals rejected in 2014, the panel wrote.

High salt diets have been shown to be a leading cause of cardio-vascular disease, the type that can, let’s see, can kill you.  So every now and then the good guys do win.

Trump Refuses to Believe that Justice Department is Part of the Executive Branch and Reports to Him

Needs Congress to Investigate the Executive Branch on Fictional Wiretap Charges

Don’t you think if I could find out the answers someone would have told me that” Trump did not say. And he also did not say “Look, I am the President and that means I can lie at Will (or Sam or Judy)

In order for Trump Tower to have been the object of surveillance and wire tapping the Justice Department had to be the one to do it (unless it was the Brits, sorry just kidding).  Now apparently unknown to the President the Justice Department is part of the executive branch of the government.  So if one is President and if one wants to know if anyone was the target of surveillance as part of an investigation into Americans acting as agents of foreign government, one just needs to pick up the phone and ask. 

Unfortunately for the current President, if he did such a thing he would learn that no, there was no wire tapping and that he, the current President, said was wrong.  Since by definition Trump cannot be wrong, he cannot determine that he was wrong.  So we will have the Congress trying to investigate (really cover up) the lies here. 

Crazy at the Ben Carson level of crazy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Imaginary Conversation Paul Ryan Has with his Children on His Cruel Cuts to Health Care for Those Who Cannot Afford It

Explaining to Them What He Did to Increase Illness and Disease for Low Income Families

For Paul Ryan,  the House plan to eviscerate Medicaid is the culmination of a lifelong dream.  Harming, even causing the death by lack of health care for low income people appears to be his holy grail, something he can now see happening.  So we wondered how he would explain this to his children.  If they did ask it might go something like this.

Children:  Daddy, what did you do at work today?

Paul:  Well I have just about completed a law that would leave millions of boys and girls just like you and their parents without health care.  Everyone is very proud of me.  With luck and the good Lord willing over 24 million people will lose health care after we finish.

Children:  But what happens when they get sick?

Paul:  They are just going to have to suffer.  See those people are just lazy and worthless and don’t deserve government supported health care.  Government should not be providing health care anyway, and if it does it should be only to good people.  And good people are not poor or disabled.

Children:  But mommy says the government helps provide us with health care help and that is why we have to go and get shots and can see a doctor when we don’t feel good. 

Paul:  Well that’s because I have worked all my life in government, not like those poor people who have decided to work at low paying jobs.  See government gives me a job because I try to help a lot of rich people get even richer so they can employ those other people, it’s called trickle down economics.  We help people like our old friend Mitt make millions a year so he can pay $7.25 an hour for people to clean his house and fix his pool, although don't tell anyone, but we think they are not legal residents of this country.  That's okay, Mitt needs them.    Remember, Mitt has a lot of houses so he employs a lot of maids and cleaning people. 

Children:  What if those people get sick?

Paul:  Then they can go and wait in the emergency room and after 8 or 10 hours they may see someone who can help them.  That wait is good for them, cause if they are just kinda sick and not facing, you know, death and maybe they will go home and take some aspirin and not bother the good doctors and nurses who are busy treating people who have real health insurance.

Children: Is that a lot of people?

Paul:  Well it’s tens of millions but I hope the make it a lot more.  We are a very religious family and as you know the Bible tells us that we help poor people by keeping them from just getting health care and not going to work just because they are sick or dead.

Children:  God must really love you for doing all this!

Paul:  Yeah, we are kinda special that way.  And I just hope when you grow up you can help us take away Medicare from old people.  We'll teach them to stand on their own two feet and pay for every dime of their health care.  They will be free at least, free of government tyranny giving them health care that only people like us deserve.

Small Amish Sect Claims Right to Pollute with Horse Manure under Religious Freedom

Just another group trying to hijack the Constitution

As a member of a religious minority that has been persecuted for about 2,000 years the DPE yields to no one in his zeal for freedom of religion.  But ultra fundamentalists have used that principle to try and impose their beliefs on those who have different beliefs.  This is not particular to any one religion, fundamentalist Christians want to make the U. S. a 'Christian' nation ruled by biblical law.  Fundamentalist ultra orthodox Jews want Israel to be governed by what they and they alone believe Judiasm is.  And radical fundamentalist Islamists want to kill anyone who doesn't adhere to their practices.

So now we have the weird story where a very strict Amish group in Kentucky will not prevent their horses from littering the roads with manure because doing so would in their twisted minds impose a burden on their practice of their religion.

"Two Amish men in Auburn, Ky., filed a lawsuit last month saying a city ordinance requiring horses to wear equine diapers—bags designed to catch manure—violated the ability of Amish residents to exercise their religion.

The ordinance, passed in 2014, broadened an existing law mandating the removal of dog waste in public places. The new law, which the city said was spurred by complaints from neighbors about horse manure, requires a “properly fitted collection device” to be placed on all horses walking on the street."

Unknown to almost everyone apparently this along with other nonsense has been an issue elsewhere.

"The equine diaper issue has also come up in Wisconsin, southern Indiana and upstate New York. Many disputes in recent years have centered around whether Amish homes must adhere to building codes, including the installation of smoke detectors."

If it exists Hell is littered with a lot of people, but if it exists one doubts that it is populated with people that installed smoke detectors, you know, the kind that prevent their children from burning to death.

Now one can only hope that this case is dismissed just as fast as humanly possible.  The DPE has interacted all of his life with the Amish and the Mennonites and finds they are wonderful, kind, caring and compassionate people worth of great adminiration.  But there's always the exception. 

 What kind of people can call themselves religious who believe one of the commandments is 'Thou shall litter the earth with horseshit'.  What kind of people call themselves religous but say they should be allowed to practice in a way that endangers the health of the community and pollutes the environment.

On a serious note this is sad and serious.  

Trump SEC Nominee Clears Ethics Review – Here’s How Current Nominees Do That

Snarky Comments on the News

The Wall Street Journal reports that Trumpie’s pick to head the SEC has been cleared to go ahead by an ethics review.  How do Trump’s picks do that?  By showing that they have no ethics at all of course, what did you expect.

The WaPo has reported that the current administration will seek deep cuts in the agencies that work on weather and weather related research and reporting.  In Trump’s mind the best way to fight global warming is to forbid any news about it or climate in general.  People can’t be upset if they don’t know about the coming disaster the Trumpman did not say.

Trump is also wanting to cut thousands of jobs at the EPA, part of his put America back to work again by firing people.  Apparently the administration never really understood what the term ‘jobs’ meant when they promised more of them. 

The WaPo is also reporting that the EPA will pull back on mileage standards that the auto industry agreed to.  There was no support for the rumor that the EPA wants to cause a gas shortage just so Trump can fulfill a campaign promise to take over Iraq’s oil as ‘war booty’ which this nation deserves for de-stabilizing the region and destroying the nation of Iraq.  The administration will deny this claim, arguing that once the defense buildup is complete the U. S. can take whatever it wants from Iraq with no need to justify actions.

Lying Attorney General Sessions is likely to protest charges that he perjured himself in his confirmation hearing by asking the rhetorical question, “Could I be that stupid and still be the Attorney General?”  A Fox News Poll found that 67% of Americans thought the answer to that question was ‘yes’ and majority of Fox News viewers responded that they,  the stupid people of the world needed someone stupid to represent them. 

Trump is reported to be furious that Democrats are not approving appointees that he has not yet nominated.  A team of scholars from the conservative Heritage Foundation has been rushed to the White House to give the President a crash course on how Washington works, included a whole day to explain that the Senate cannot vote on a position until someone has been nominated for the position.

Arnold Schwarzenneger will not return to hosting The Celebrity Apprentice in part because no one was ever able to recognize the celebrities on the show. 

Ivanka Trump Follow Up - Fake News Not Fake News Edition

From Taegan Goddard's Wonderful Site

Fake Fake News

“I am not trying to get ‘top level security clearance’ for my children. This was a typically false news story.”
— President-elect Donald Trump, quoted by Politico, on November 16, 2016.
“Ivanka Trump to get top security clearance and office, White House official says”
— CNN headline, March 21, 2017.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trump is Installing Daughter Ivanka in White House Because . . .

We Answer Questions That Most Forums Cannot

Trying to make sense of politics and government these days is a tricky job.  The current administration is so irrational that trying to find any rationality is a difficult job for even the smartest pundits.  But fear not, the DPE is here to clear it all up.

Question:  Why has President Trumpie put his daughter in the White House as an adviser?

It turns out that because none of the White House staff and counselors have any experience or knowledge of governing  real people, that is, people with credentials are refusing to join the team.  And the current team has told everyone in no uncertain terms that they would be embarrassed if real experts came on board.  So Ivanka Trump has been chosen so the others will not feel threatened as they would if someone who was actually qualified were appointed.

Question:  Why won’t Trump say he was wrong about being wiretapped?

Trump is apparently afraid that if he were to admit he was wrong on that issue people would expect him to admit when he was wrong on other issues, and as Trump reportedly said about that “Look, there are only 24 hours in a day, if I start admitting where I have been wrong I could not get anything else done.”  A number of colleagues anonymously told the press they thought Trump not getting anything else done would be a positive.

Question:  Why does Paul Ryan want low income people to do without healthcare?

Ryan once had to wait 4 minutes in a doctor’s office for treatment of a spinal condition (he lacks one) while the office took care of an emergency Medicaid patient.  He has been incensed that a poor person with a life threatening condition would get preference over him and has fought health care for anyone making under $120,000 a year ever since.

Question:  Exactly how much damage to national security did Ms. Clinton having a private e-mail server do?

None, but the FBI has asked that no one mention that.

FBI Involvement in Finding Stolen Tom Brady Jersey Supports Conservatives Who Are Thinking

Maybe Government is the Problem

The news reports that the FBI was signficantly involved in hunting down a thief sounds like good news, but in the case the news reports were about the FBI aggressively pursuing the stolen jersey of Super Bowl winning quarterack Tom Brady.

Uh, folks at the FBI, listen up.  There is a lot of crime out there.  See if you can't find something better to do, you know, the opioid addiction, the Russia connection, heck even finding out where Sean Spicer buys his suits would be more productive.

Paul Ryan's Faith Based Tax Policy

It Must Be Because It Sure Ain't Logic Based

Republicans are working their way towards what they call tax reform, what the rest of the world calls tax cuts for the wealthy.  First of all they hope Trump doesn't muddy the water with his own plan because he knows even less about taxes than Ryan.

 Supporters of Ryan’s proposal are crossing their fingers that Trump doesn’t introduce a detailed tax plan at all, worried it could complicate their work.

Well not to worry Paulie, we think Trumpie is too concerned with fictional wiretappings to think about tax policy.

And Ryan wants a border tax, which is a huge tax on imports.  No logic, just religious faith.

“I heard 'keep your powder dry' as, ‘Don’t articulate your cogent arguments against our bad idea,’” one senator said. “I have not yet talked to a single senator who’s enthusiastic about it. Ryan and [Ways and Means Chairman Kevin] Brady seem to have a near-theological commitment to it.”

Image result for images of preaching the gospel
Paul Ryan explaining his border tax

That's probably right. All of the other Ryan stuff is faith based, on a hope and a prayer so why should this be different.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump Blasts Press For Not Reporting That Murder Rate is the Highest Its Been in 47 Years

And He's Right Except for the Fact That He's Wrong

And That Can Apply to  Most of What He Says

The President met with some sheriffs and this is what he told them.

"Trump told the sheriffs, “the murder rate in our country is the highest it’s been in 47 years.” He blamed the news media for not publicizing this development, then added, “But the murder rate is the highest it’s been in, I guess, 45 to 47 years.”

Well gosh, we guess the press is hiding this statistic because they want . . . .,well we don't know why they would hide that news. The only reason the media would have for not reporting that is that maybe it isn't true and the press likes to report true facts not alernative facts.

"The country’s murder rate is not the highest it’s been in 47 years. It is almost at its lowest point, actually, according to the FBI, which gathers statistics every year from police departments around the country.

The murder rate is defined as the number of murders and non-negligent homicides per 100,000 residents. Beginning in 1957, when the rate was 4.0 murders per 100,000 residents, the rate rose steadily to a high of 10.2 in 1980. It then steadily dropped, to 7.4 in 1996, to 6.1 in 2006, to 4.4 in 2014. It went up in 2015 to 4.9. But that is less than half the murder rate of 1980, while the population has risen from 226 million in 1980 to 321 million in 2015."

So even factoring in the dead from the Bowling Green Massacre the murder rate is near its low point over the last many decades.  But like all good murder stories this one also has a mystery associated with it.  Why?  Why does Trump lie about this?  

Why Do Republicans Hate Wind Power - Because It's a Good Deal For Real People, Not Billionaires

GOP Show Less Than Zero Concern for the Environment - Supports Policies to Make Things Worse

One would think a wind turbine farm in a poor region of North Carolina would be a win-win situation, and it is.

But the project has brought relief for some residents in the region, one of the state’s poorest. The wind farm is now the largest taxpayer in two counties, employing 17 full-time staffers. Roughly 60 landowners signed deals to host turbines at $6,000 per turbine a year, funds that help offset increased competition and declining crop income from their fields.
Horace Pritchard, who agreed to have nine turbines on his 1,300 acres, says he hopes elected officials will see that wind energy helps farmers like him.
Horace Pritchard, who agreed to have nine turbines on his 1,300 acres, says he hopes elected officials
 will see that wind energy helps farmers like him. PHOTO: ALEX BOERNER FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Don't count on it horace, benefits be damned, republicans have an
ideology to uphold
Third-generation farmer Horace Pritchard, 68, said he agreed to have nine turbines on his 1,300 acres because the $54,000 annual payment can help offset uncertainty in commodity prices and bouts of bad weather, like last fall’s flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

Wow, sounds like a great deal. Who could oppose it? Oh, of course, conservatives.

The recent wind-energy push has caused an unusual fight among North Carolina Republicans, with some GOP politicians opposing the project because of its reliance on federal tax credits and potential risks to the military, . . .

Wind power “gets a lot of subsidies. People end up paying more for it,” said state Sen. Bill Cook, a Republican who represents the northeastern North Carolina region where the wind farm is located. Mr. Cook opposed the project.

The result of Republican opposition is huring people and the environment.

North Carolina’s contentious $400 million wind farm, run by a unit of Spanish energy giant Iberdrola SA, was built to provide power to an Inc. data center. State lawmakers have renewed a push against the project, citing risks to nearby military operations. The company says it wants to build more wind farms in North Carolina, but has put its plans on hold because of the political uncertainty. Another planned project is currently stalled: Apex Clean Energy of Charlottesville, Va., is scaling back its 105-turbine project after county commissioners denied a necessary zoning permit.
Other developers say they are staying away as the state legislature weighs tighter permitting guidelines.
“Until we get to a stable policy climate, we’re going to continue to see a lot of unknowns, and that is never good for multimillion-dollar investments,” said Katharine Kollins, president of the Southeastern Wind Coalition, a trade group.

Yep, jobs, cleaner environment, and future investment. No wonder the GOP hates it. As for voters the message is clear. WAKE UP, the Republicans are not on your side.

West Virginia Governor Wants to Allow Drilling on Your Land Even If You Have Not Given Approval

Conservatives Don’t Seem Outraged, Why Not?

A basic tenet of conservatism is property rights.  In fact for many conservatives property rights trump civil rights.  This may be something, you know, left over from pre 1865 America where there was human property, but maybe not.

Anyway the Governor of West Virginia who is a wealthy coal mining baron wants to do something that should enrage conservatives.

He also endorsed legislation the oil and gas industry would like to enable horizontal drilling across properties where most, but sometimes not all, landowners have agreed to terms.
“I’m going to make a lot of people mad, probably, at me,” he said, “but I cannot understand why in the world we can’t get that through,” Justice said to applause. “I would be an absolute proponent of that.

Image result for images of man in hammock
Conservative reacting to W. Va. Proposal to Drill on Your Land Without Your Permission

Well why not?  But if the Governor cannot understand opposition to that well he needs a course in government 101.