Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Michigan Republican Governor Will Keep Democrat Out of Congress for a Year

GOP Once Again Defeats Democracy

When Democratic House member John Conyers resigned due to extremely inappropriate behavior with women staffers his seat became empty.  So there needs to be a special election to fill it.  But that election will almost certainly send another Democrat to Congress.  So the Governor of Michigan, a man who cared so little about his constituents that he allowed the people of Flint to be poisoned by lead filled water has a strategy to keep the Dems from filling the seat.

From Taegan Goddard, who knows and publishes good stuff.

Political Wire

Conyers’ Seat Will Remain Vacant for 11 Months

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) said a special election to replace former Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) will be not be held until November 6, 2018

Actually that is no special election at all, it is the regular election.  As for the people in Conyers's district, well they probably didn't deserve representation anyway.  After all, they are not rich people from Bloomfield Hills.

Thoughts on Roy Moore's Loss

And This Forum's Erroneous Prediction of a Big Moore Win

All Predictions Wrong on Your Money Back

1.  Mitch McConnell won't seat Doug Jones until his tax bill is passed.  Having stolen a Supreme Court seat Mitch now wants to steal a Senate seat, at least temporarily.

2.  Before people get too excited about the Dems, remember about half the citizens of a state would vote for a sexual predator.

3.  When the Dems get out the vote, they win.

4.  The lack of heavy turnout in suburban areas for Moore shows that even if a lot of Republican voters cannot vote for a sexual predator they still cannot vote for a Democrat.

5.  Since Trumpie claims his election vindicates him about the accusatations of sexual misbehavior doesn't the loss of Moore convict him of sexual assault?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Today's Sick Joke in Health Care - Kellyanne Conway and Opiods

Major White House Denier in Charge of Denying Treatment and Prevention

The NYT editorial team has alerted us to a development lost in the news about sexual perversion in politics and entertainment.  It seems Trumpie has appointed his chief shill, Kellyanne to head up the opiod policy proposals and administration in the White House.

"Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, has no public health background, a reputation for bending the truth, and a knack for generating government ethics complaints. Yet Ms. Conway does have the ear of the president. She has also studied America’s opioid epidemic in recent months as part of her portfolio. She is not the “opioids czar,” as some news outlets reported this week, but her stepping out as point person on the government response to this public health crisis stirred hope of concrete action from a White House that so far has offered little more than talk."

Exactly what the basis is for the 'hope' is not clear.  Our hope is for Kellyanne to be consigned to the dustheap of history before she does more damage to the addicts on opioids who desperately need help not hype.

From Politico: Bernie makes moves pointing to 2020 run

No, Please No

Let's see. The nation is yearning for young, energetic center left Democrat to restore the Presidency to decency, honor and a place where the people who need help the most can get it. So what's the plan? It's this.

Bernie Sanders is taking steps to address longstanding political shortcomings that were exposed in 2016, ahead of another possible presidential bid in 2020.
From forging closer ties to the labor movement to shoring up his once-flimsy foreign policy credentials, the moves have provided the senator inroads into party power structures that largely shunned him in favor of Hillary Clinton last year. They've also empowered the progressive icon to harness his newfound political power and help Democrats fight President Donald Trump's administration.

The man is not even a Democrat. He is a self named Socialist. He is old and thin skinned and thinks he's entitled. Like Hilary, he may be the one person who can lose to Donald Trump.   

Monday, December 11, 2017

Jared Kushner – Are Your Worried Yet?

No – You Should Be

The news that former General Michael Flynn has turned on the Trumpies is bad news because Flynn has said he got his marching orders from some higher ups in the administration and transition team. Pure speculation is that this is Jared Kushner.

A Kushner indictment is not imminent only because of timing and the holidays. It may never happen. But Jared might need that sleep aid every night.

NYT Columnist Bret Stephens Tries (And Fails) to Justify Jerusalem Move

Stupid, Incoherent and Ignorant

This Forum has strongly criticized the apparently political move by Trumpie to move the U. S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital of Israel. The basis of the criticism is that there was no benefit, just all cost. So we were excited when a conservative, Bret Stephens, said he would tell us why this was justified. Turns out he did not say much.

Well first of all there is this.

Would Jews be allowed to visit Jewish sites, and would those sites be respected, if the city were redivided? Doubtful, considering Palestinian attacks on such sites, which is one of the reasons why it shouldn’t be.

Uh, Jews can for the last 40 years visit the holy sites in the city without recognition it is the capital by the U. S. So that argument is bogus.

The next argument is that any effort by Washington to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would set the proverbial Arab street on fire and perhaps lead to another intifada.

But this misapprehends the nature of the street, which has typically been a propaganda tool of Arab leaders to channel domestic discontent and manipulate foreign opinion. 

Uh, yes. The Arab rebels who don't want peace can use the issue to rally the masses. That is why it was not a good idea to hand them this tool, which the tool did.

Finally there’s the view that recognition is like giving your college freshman a graduation gift: a premature reward for an Israeli government that hasn’t yet done what’s needed to make a Palestinian state possible.

But this also gets a few things wrong. It will have no effect on whether or how a Palestinian state comes into being, whatever the current histrionics in Ramallah. And it’s not much of a bargaining chip, since most Israelis couldn’t care less where the embassy is ultimately located.

So if most Israeli's don't care why do it? No answer from Stephens.

It belatedly aligns American words with deeds. It aligns word as well as deed with reality. And it aligns the United States with the country toward which we are constantly professing friendship even as we have spent seven decades stinting it of the most basic form of recognition.

Anybody understand that, anybody? Look the U. S. Congress gave the President the ability to defer moving the embassy because it recognized it might not be a good move to generate a peaceful solution in the Middle East. And Republican and Democratic Presidents and the State Department realized that was the case until an ignorant buffoon ignored reality and did something only to rally his political base. That Stephens cannot find a good rationale only reinforces the idiocy of the policy.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Democrat Doug Jones Will Lose Badly in Alabama

And Here's Why

People who see an empty glass as half full continue to spout the fantasy that in the upcoming Alabama special election for the Senate Democrat Doug Jones is competitive. He is not.

  1. Alabama voters don't just vote Republican, they hate Democrats who they see as minorities, or in other words not  real Americans, you know, white and Christian.

  1. The African American voters are key, but they will not turn out. This is not a criticism of them, in Alabama they have been shut out of the governing process except for a few token offices. They get no value from sending a Democrat to Washington who can do nothing for them. If the race were for Governor they might see a benefit, but a temporary Democratic senator just does not help them at all. So why bother to vote.

  1. The idea that racism has been defeated by civil rights legislation and the election of Obama is just not true in Alabama.

  1. Doug Jones has no real charisma, he seems like a nice guy but not the type of person arouse passion.

  1. Jones has a lot of money, but it is largely useless. No one in Alabama is ignorant of what Roy Moore is so the TV ads don't have any impact.

  1. The Alabama Governor has said what everybody is thinking, in that she believes the women who accused Moore but doesn't care. That gives voters cover to also ignore the charges.

  1. The admission by one of the accusers that she wrote stuff on the yearbook page that Moore signed has impugned the entire claims of all of the accusers. She put in a date. Were we the only people who wondered by Moore signed a yearbook in December?

  1. On the plus side, a Democrat would not be expected to get 40% of the vote. If Jones gets the 43 to 45% of the vote  it will be a moral victory. Another name for a person who gets a moral victory, loser.

Another Great Result From 'Bring Your Guns to Church Day'

Man Shoots Self and Wife

A great illustration of why bringing guns to church to prevent massacres by crazy people with guns is  stupid is the case in Tennessee where a man in a gun safety meeting eshot himself and his wife.

The 81-year-old man put the magazine back into the gun and put the gun back in the holster, Parks said. Later, while people were cleaning up, a church member who had missed the demonstration asked to see the weapon.
Just as he was about to show it to the church member, the man accidentally pulled the trigger without realizing the gun was loaded.
A bullet fired across the palm of the 81-year-old’s hand and toward his 80-year-old wife, who was sitting in a wheelchair next to him. It ripped through her lower left abdomen, out the right side of her abdomen, into her right forearm and out the backside of her forearm. The bullet then struck the wall and ricocheted, landing under the wife’s wheelchair, Parks said.
Panic swept the church. Most people weren’t aware of the second demonstration and — having just discussed mass shootings — assumed an active gunman entered the church.
The first thought was of course that a deranged gunman had entered the church and this could have been a tragedy as a SWAT team might have shot everyone. But no other harm came and no crime has been alleged, stupidity with guns being so common that all NRA members would be arrested were that so. And the end seems good, the couple will recover. And here's the final footnote to the story.

The husband and wife’s conditions have been stabilized as of Thursday evening, Parks said. The couple’s family has asked their names not yet be released.

Yeah, we wouldn't want our names out there either.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Fox News Thinks Obama Should Be Arrested

The Crime? Criticizing Trumpie

As the U. S. descends into incoherence and madness the folks at Fox News are just becoming completely unglued. Now one of their toadies thinks former President Obama is acting in a criminal manner.

But a Fox Business commentator said Obama violated that unwritten rule with a recent comment about Trump’s tweets. What’s more, according to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, that violation should merit arrest.
I think U.S. marshals should follow [Obama], and anytime he wants to go follow the president like he is and behave [like that],” Dobbs said on his show Friday. “I mean, this is just bad manners. It’s boorish and it’s absurd and he doesn’t realize how foolish he looks.”
I mean, he should be brought back by the marshals. Isn’t there some law that says presidents shouldn’t be attacking sitting presidents?”

Uh, actually Louie there is a law here, it's called the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech and it  applies in all democracies. One would think a person on TV would have heard of the Constitution, since that's the document that allows garbage like Fox on the air, but then the standards at Fox were never really that high.

This would be funny if it did not reflect the fact that the nation is falling slowly away from democratic norms and towards a place where a Republican is a god and the rest of us mere worshipers.   

Apple, With Billions in Profits, Billions in the Bank Could Get $47 Billion Benefit From Tax Bill

Anyone Still Think This is Not a Bill for Rich Corporations

To listen to Republicans go on TV and talk about how their tax bill is a middle class tax cut is to want the chance to laugh out loud. Now a report says that Apple, which is incredibly profitable and has billions of dollars in the bank will get a $47 billion benefit when the tax bill passes.

"Apple (AAPL, -0.26%) may see up to $47 billion removed from its tax bill if Republicans continue with their current tax reform plan, qualifying it as the biggest beneficiary of the legislation that’s currently working through Congress.
While details of the tax legislation reform are yet to be finalised, Senate and House have converged over the last few days over their treatment of the estimated $1.3 trillion of cash American companies hold offshore. The vast scale of the tax cut has been the focus of discussions, based on calculations by the Financial Times and tax experts.”
And this is from Republicans who could not even bring themselves to allow the child tax credit to go to families too poor to pay tax.  P. S.  Apple has about a quarter of a trillion in cash offshore.  They sure need a tax break don't they.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trump Names Himself Time's Man of the Year

And Other Snarky Comments on the News

  1. After Time magazine, a hoary relic from the past,  named a group as it's Person of the Year, Donnie went out and named himself Time's Man of the Year. Since Trump had already forged a Time cover several years ago falsely naming himself to the honor the Grabber in Chief said this was merely history repeating itself.

  1. Is there any person in public life looking more miserable than Melania? Well Ivanka would be but she is hiding out while waiting for her husband to get a richly deserved indictment.

  1. The great scandal at the Met is not the charges of sexual assault/abuse by its leader James Levine, but that the management of the Met and the community at large knew about it and did nothing.

  1. It is not true that the Trump organization which used to charge hotel operators to use the Trump name are now paying those same operators to keep the Trump name on their hotels.

  1. John Conyers is out. For the Dems it's one down and two to go, and maybe Sen. Franken will do the right thing and leave. That would leave one unknown Congressman from Nevada to end his career by stepping down.

  1. A Texas Republican Congressman say he will repay the $84,000 taxpayers shelled out in a settlement to a person alleging sexual abuse by the Congressman. He says he did nothing wrong, meaning that he agreed to the $84k payment because it wasn't coming out of his pocket, or because he really did do something wrong. Could be both. Probably both.

  1. It has not been confirmed that Trumpie's defense against what is likely to be money laundering/improper financial transactions involving Deutsche Bank is that “I am not smart enough to do that.” People close to Trumpie say that could be a winning argument before an impartial jury or even a Republican one.

  1. Is John Dowd the creepiest lawyer we have ever seen.

  1. Alabama Republicans believe that the media made up the charges against Roy Moore. There is no, zero, nada evidence to support this. When asked about that the Alabama Republican party did not say, “Evidence, we don't need no stinkin' evidence.”

It Took a Cretan Like Bannon to Produce Respect for Mitt Romney

Laughable If It Were Not of National Importance

The political operative and man who doesn't own a tie Steve Bannon criticized a Republican Presidential candidate for not serving in the military and for the fact that his sons did not serve. It is easy to think he was talking about Trumper who got a deferment based on a bone spur in his foot and Eric and Donnie Jr. whose only goal in life seems to have been to exploit their father's name. If the shoe fits etc.

But no, Bannon was talking about Mitt Romney, a man who had the temerity to suggest a person who is credibly charged with sexually assaulted teenage girls and now is lying about it should maybe not be the Republican candidate for the Senate. Bannon reached a new low, which was almost impossible given his past record.

"You hid behind your religion. You went to France to be a missionary while men were dying in Vietnam. Do not talk about honor and integrity," Bannon said.

Mitt Romney could be said to be the Utah version of John McCain. A man of some integrity and a man who brought universal health care to Massachusetts, Romney could have been a great leader. But he sold out to the conservative radicals in the GOP, and in his campaign for President he said he wanted to make life so miserable for undocumented residents that they would self deport. This was too much for even Mike Huckabee. Mitt also ran away from his major accomplishment, health care.

But Romney's devotion to his religion is not in question. There are ample examples of his generosity as an individual despite his mean and insensitive actions as a politician. That Bannon would attack a person for practicing their religion shows what Bannon really is. That he would be cheered by Alabama voters shows what they are.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cost Benefit Analysis of Trumper's Jerusalem Decision

All Cost, No Benefit

The decision of an idiot President to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a simple one to criticize. A rational person looks at a decision and weighs the costs and benefits and takes the appropriate action based on whether or not the benefits exceed the cost.

No one, and we do mean no one, can list any benefit for the U. S. to name Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It does not help the Jewish people, whose beliefs are part of the head and the heart, not a piece of land. It does not help anyone towards the solution of the Palestinian conflict. It does not help Trumpie politically since anyone fool who supports the decision already supports Trump.

The harm of course is to further distance the Arab world from trusting the U. S. to be a positive player in a settlement of the Mideast conflict. So no benefits and a provocation to Arab extremism. Nice going Donnie.

Leon Cooper, American Hero of Tarawa and Beyond Died

Celebrating the Best While Being Governed by the Worst in Both Parties

In World War II the Battle of Tarawa is largely forgotten. In part because it was a terrible battle that cost a horrible number of lives. The NYT obituary of a survivor Leon Cooper who just died explains.

There was no way to get out of the line of fire,” Mr. Cooper said in Return to Tarawa,” a documentary film about his battle experiences that was televised on the Military Channel in 2009. “Every goddamned angle was covered. We bumbled and stumbled into all this slaughter.”
The American forces took the island in 76 hours, but the toll was brutal: About 1,000 Marines died, and 2,296 were wounded. The New York Times wrote, “Riddled corpses form a ghastly fringe along the narrow white beaches where men of the Second Marine Division died for every foot of sand.”

Mr. Cooper lived a nice, successful life. But after the war, after going back this is what he saw and what he did.

In the 1990s he began to write books, all but one about war. While researching The War in the Pacific: A Retrospective” (2006), he learned that Red Beach on Betio, where he had delivered Marines, had become a dump, strewn with trash and in some places human excrement.
Garbage lay everywhere on what to me was hallowed ground, where I saw so many of my countrymen killed or wounded by Japanese,” he said in the Armchair General interview.
Revisiting his past kindled Mr. Cooper’s late-in-life activism, which suited his gregarious, blunt-spoken and profane personality.
Disgusted by the conditions on the beach, he began contacting members of Congress to authorize funding to clean it up, a campaign that has not yet succeeded.

That's right, a Congress obsessed only with tax cuts for the wealthy will not fund the clean up of a sacred battlefield, a place where real Americans, not politicians, gave their lives for freedom and protection of the nation.

So John McCain, as a military hero and one who says he reveres military sacrifice maybe you can stop being a Republican toady long enough to help here. Some Democrats at least used to be on board.

But Representative Henry Waxman, another California Democrat, was more sympathetic. In remarks in 2006 in the Congressional Record praising Mr. Cooper, Mr. Waxman said, “The sanctity of our battlefield, monuments and veterans’ institutions is of utmost importance to preserve military history and pay respect to those who fought.”

. . .

The broadcast led Representative Dan Lipinski, Democrat of Illinois, to draft language in the 2009 National Defense Authorization Act in the hope of persuading the Pentagon to make the return of Marines’ remains from Tarawa a higher priority.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Roy Moore Tied With Democrat Among Registered Voter – But Has Big Lead in Elections -

Huh – Oh, Democrats Won't Bother to Vote

So They Don't Deserve to Win

The Alabama Senate race should be an easy win for the Democrats even in the big red strate. The Republican candidate is reviled for being a serial sexual predator. Of course die hard religious folks don't care about that, but there are enough decent people in Alabama to make the race competitive. So it is no surprise the race is tied in the polls.

Except of course it is not.

The Senate contest looks to be highly dependent on turnout. Moore has a lead over Democrat Doug Jones, 49 percent to 43 percent, among the likely voters who are most apt to vote on Dec. 12. Among all registered voters, the contest is even.

Yep the Democratic supporters won't bother to vote, so if Roy Moore, the disgusting candidate who shops at Perverts 'R Us may end up in the Senate thanks to Dems who just don't give a damn. Yeah, all talk, no action.  The Democrats stayed home and that was why Trumpie was elected.  No he was not supported by a majority or even a plurality.  The winner in the 2016 electon, voting apathy.  The loser, America.

Nazi Uses First Amendment To Defend Lethal Threats Against Jewish Woman

Perverse Individual Perverts the Constitution

Freedom of speech is not absolute. This is well established, the Supreme Court has said that the First Amendment does not give a person to yell fire in a crowded theater. But a Nazi is claiming it does give permission to issue death threats to a Jewish woman in Montana.

Gersh, of Whitefish, Mont., sued Anglin in April in the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana. The complaint details many of the more than 700 anti-Semitic and hateful messages, including death threats, to Gersh, her family, friends and colleagues. A few examples of emails sent to her personal and work accounts:
Ratfaced criminals who play with fire tend to get thrown in the oven”
Merry Christmas, you Christ-killer”
Worthless f—– k—.”
It’s time for you to take a one way ticket to tel aviv.”
You have no idea what you are doing, six million are only the beginning.”
In one email, “Death to Tanya” was repeated more than 30 times, followed by: “This message came from ‘Satan Your King.’ ”

Now some of these are terribly offensive, but probably are not actionable. But the death threats are. Even rabid conservatives are probably repulsed by this. And the fact that conservatives are outraged shows just how bad this is.

So somehow the Nazi's have found an attorney who will claim Freedom of Speech to defend death threats.  Wow, 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Mitch McConnell Destroys the One Decent Thing He Has Done in 30 Years

Turns Tail and Runs to Roy Moore

When the allegations about the predatory activities of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore surfaced the Republican leader of the Senate, Roy Moore (R, Ky) actually showed some character.  He publically stated that Moore was not fit to serve in the Senate, something so obvious that everyone was surprised a doofus like McConnell was aware of it.

Now that Moore is rising in the polls and might actually win McConnell is slinking away from his better self.

From Taegan Goddard's wonderful site.

Political Wire

McConnell Backs Off Opposition to Roy Moore

Asked if he believes Roy Moore (R) should be in the U.S. Senate under a cloud of child molestation allegations, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told ABC News, “I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call.”

James Comey Posts

Kinda Says It All

‪Beautiful Long Island Sound from Westport, CT. To paraphrase the Buddha — Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun; the moon; and the truth. ‬


“But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” Amos 5:24

Dems Flame Out Even Worse on Face the Nation Than on Meet the Press

A Party That Does Not Deserve to Govern

Senator Diane Feinstein (D, Ca) is in her mid 80's. But instead of lving the dream retirement (she is rich) she is instead giving incoherent answers on Meet the Press. After moderator Chuck Todd tried to grill Senator Susan Collins(R, Me) on her turnaround on deficits (she believes tax cuts will reduce the national debt) Senator Feinstein was on. Befuddlement is the best that can be said about her answers.

But at least a Democrat made it out of bed and onto a Sunday talk show. On Face the Nation the guests were Senate Republican Majority Leader McConnell and a bunch of other Trumpie flunkies. The only opposition person to show up was an Independent, Senator Angus King from Maine. The Dems could not even be bother to state their policies. Of course this is probably because they have no policies other than wanted to remain the minority party so they can just coast along.

Finally on ABC Mitch was given loads of time to peddle flat out lies.  Chuck Schumer, the Dem leader, well don't know where he was, maybe havng breakfast with some of his Wall Street constituents.  The U.S. political system is described as a two party one, that would be nice if it were so.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

More Evidence of the Total Corruption of College Football

Like Nobody Knew

The NYT has a nice piece on SEC football which illustrates all that is wrong with it.

A two-year bowl ban for what the N.C.A.A. called a team’s “recurring culture of noncompliance” in recruiting.
An athletic director suspended eight months into his tenure after his fans effectively barred him from hiring a new head football coach.
A national championship-winning coach reportedly jumping into college football’s most competitive conference with a 10-year contract.

And what about that new coach at Tennessee Oh.

The news was capped Friday afternoon with the suspension of Tennessee’s athletic director, John Currie, who began the year in the comparatively calm setting of Manhattan, Kan., where he was Kansas State’s athletic director.
Currie’s reported sins were to have tried to hire Schiano, then failed to hire Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy, and finally to have tried to hire Washington State Coach Mike Leach, apparently without (or with? even the rumors conflicted) the consultation of the powerful Tennessee booster Jimmy Haslam. Haslam owns the Cleveland Browns and also has a brother who is Tennessee’s governor.

So why does a private citizen have any say over personnel at a state college: Oh, money. And speaking of money.

As if that were not enough, in Tallahassee, Fla., an intrepid reporter noticed a Christmas tree at the curb outside Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher’s house. Since it was only early December, the disregarded evergreen appeared to prove true the suspicions that Fisher, who led the Seminoles of the Atlantic Coast Conference to the national title four seasons ago, had accepted an offer at Texas A&M, which joined the SEC five seasons ago. Subsequent reports have affirmed the news and specified that Fisher agreed to an impressive 10-year, $75 million contract, though neither university has announced it.

Now if those pesky students and faculty will just leave, think what a great university the SEC teams would have.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Here: Read the Senate's Tax Bill

Just Because They Didn't Doesn't Mean You  Shouldn't

The Senate passed a tax bill that no member had read, no member understood and no member really cared about.  But there is a hilarious headline in the Washington Post, unintended humor of course.

Read the Senate tax bill released Friday

So here is the link so you can go through all the pages.  Will this make you smarter than your Republican senator?  Silly question.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Looking at Famed Conservative Anti-Tax Crusader Grover Norquist Shows Just How Wrong Conservatives Are

And How Unwilling They Are to Admit It

With the complete and utter failure of big tax cutting policy now demonstrated in Kansas by the fact that Republicans have repudiated the policy and voted to raise taxes, we thought it was time to take a look at what the leading anti-tax right wing kook Grover Norquist has said over the years.  Norquist is famous for creating the tax pledge he browbeats Reublicans into signing, a pledge that they will not ever raise taxes .  Here are some quotes from Brainy Quotes  that demonstrate his deep and profound ignorance.

People who say that there's a vote within the Republican Party that moves against immigrants is just factually not accurate.

Gosh, anyone want to dispute that?  Anybody?  Donnie you have the floor.

Obama has been perhaps the most partisan President since Truman. He hasn't learned to be civil -

He did not have to learn to be civil, he always was.  Now about the current Pres . . .

If you raise taxes, it won't reduce the deficit. The other team will simply spend the resources.

Clinton raised taxes, the economy soared, spending dropped as a percent of GDP and the budget was balanced.  Obama did almost the same, just did not quite get the budget balanced because he started in a much deeper hole.  Grover, don’tcha just hate it when history proves you wrong.

The question is: How do we reduce spending from 25% of GDP, which is where Obama put us? 

Actually spending was close to but not at 25% in the last fiscal year that GWB had control.  The Obama administration reduced that level to just above 20%.  Still waiting for praise from Grover.

If you're so committed to liberty that you see the Soviet Union as a threat, you're a Republican. If you're kind of indifferent to freedom and the level of the lack of freedom in the Soviet Union is just a question of extent and not really threatening to anybody, then you're a Democrat.

Okay, substitute Russia for Soviet Union and change interchange Republican and Democrat and now you have a correct statement.

Okay, everyone get the picture!

John McCain Destroys His Legacy - Again

What Is Wrong With This Man?

Senator John McCain could have been hailed a hero by historians.  But everytime he does the right thing he offsets it with doing the wrong thing.

McCain was a war hero, suffering massively in Vietnam and staying a POW when he could have gone home ahead of his cellmates.  He then got embroiled in a scandal in Congess involving Charlet Keating.  Surving that he ran for President in 2000 on the Straight Talk Express, but lost the nomination to dirty tricks.  To get the 2008 nod he turned into a bitter conservative and he did get nominated in 2008.

He ran a nasty campaign, but the highlight was his push back against a woman who called Obama a Muslim and disloyal to the nation.  McCain defended Barack in elegant terms.  But he never lost his bitterness over losing in 2008 and personified the Republican nasties. then in July he cast the deciding vote against repeal of ACA, once again putting nation and principle over party.

Now he has sided with the Republicans in supporting a terrible tax bill.  History will remembert him, not for what he was but for what he could have been.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

University of Notre Dame Reverses Policy – Will Allow Health Insurance to Provide Contraception Products

Why the Change? No Reason Given

There are a large number of religious sects who believe that using contraception is immoral. That's fine. Nobody ever wants to force them to do so. But most of the sects also believe they have the right to force their religious views on others and in the case of religious sponsored employers they want to use the power of the employer to do so. Which brings us to the strange case of the University of Notre Dame, full time professional football team sponsor and part time educational institution.

Notre Dame announced on Tuesday that faculty, students, and staff will be able to obtain coverage for contraceptives through their university-sponsored insurance plans. The surprise decision is a reversal of the school’s announcement last week that it would discontinue birth-control coverage in light of new religious-freedom protections put in place by the Trump administration.

The school spent years and what is likely millions of dollars fighting the requirement that they allow their health insurers provide contraception coverage independent of the school, and finally won. Then they changed their minds. No reason given.

We would like to think that someone at the school realized that contraception usage reduced abortions and so that it was not only not against doctrine but helped in a cause the religious sponsor of the school felt very strongly about. But that would require a confluence of logic and religion.

Moore Campaign Won't Substantiate Claims of False Reporting

Gosh, We Wonder Why

The response of the Roy Moore Senate campaign to charges the candidate pursued and in one case assaulted a young girl is to challenge the media.

Senate candidate Roy Moore’s campaign refused Wednesday to substantiate a key claim it made as part of an effort to raise doubts about one of the Alabama candidate’s accusers.

The details are, well, silly. Here's the charge.

According to records the media has not bothered to look at, we’ve been able to find that Corfman’s supposed pickup place was almost a mile away from her mother’s house and would have been across a major thoroughfare,” Ben DuPré, a longtime aide to Moore, said at an event Tuesday in Montgomery. “This is yet another improbable fact in Leigh Corfman’s own words and story that the media has not bothered to investigate.”

And when the Washington Post tried to follow up.

The Post requested documentation to support DuPré’s description of another address on Tuesday, and a spokeswoman for the Moore campaign said she would try to respond. On Wednesday morning, after another request for the information, Brett Doster, a strategist for the Moore campaign, sent an email to The Post.
The Washington Post is a worthless piece of crap that has gone out of its way to railroad Roy Moore,” Doster wrote in an email he described as an “on the record” statement. “There is no need for anyone at the Washington Post to ever reach out to the Roy Moore campaign again because we will not respond to anyone from the Post now or in the future. Happy Thanksgiving.”

The Moore campaign, sounds like a guilty reaction to everyone.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Remember Comopassionate Conservatism – No More – An Ugly Part of the Electorate Gets Uglier

Texans Who Want Billions From Taxpayers for Hurricane Relief Don't Think Puerto Rico Should Get Any

After All, They Are Hispanic

The people of Puerto Rico are as much American as the people in every state of the nation. The only difference is well, they don't get the representation in government that is automatically given to the rest of us. Yes this is unfair, but no one seems to care.

And now, when the island of Puerto Rico has suffered from a horrible hurricane some people in Texas have gone beyond not caring and openly oppose U. S. federal government aid to Puerto Rico. Here is the tale from one Trump supporter

Often, the prayer is accompanied by frustration with President Trump, whom she voted for and who visited this neighborhood after Harvey.
He really made me mad,” said Maddox, 70, who accused Trump of trying to pit those on the mainland against Puerto Ricans, even though they’re all Americans.
I don’t know,” said her husband, Fred Maddox, 75. “I think he’s trying.”
He continued: “It’s a problem, but they need to handle it. It shouldn’t be up to us, really. I don’t think so. They’re sitting back, they’re taking the money, they’re taking a little under the table. He’s trying to wake them up: Do your job. Be responsible.”
Oh gee, we know who 'they' are. They are the hated non-whites. And survey data now shows the bigotry of the Trump voters.

A survey released last week by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that a majority of Americans believe that the federal government has been too slow to respond in Puerto Rico and that the island still isn’t getting the help it needs. But the results largely broke along party lines: While nearly three-quarters of Democrats said the federal government isn’t doing enough, almost three-quarters of Republicans said it is.

As for Trump, well he only cares about not breaking his arm patting himself on his back.

On Oct. 3 — two weeks after the storm — Trump toured a neighborhood outside San Juan, Puerto Rico, and has repeatedly proclaimed, against much evidence, that his administration had a “tremendous” response to Maria. He gave his administration a “10” during a White House appearance with Puerto Rico’s governor this week. “I think we did a fantastic job, and we’re being given credit,” he said.
In fact, conditions remain dire throughout much of the island. Nearly 80 percent of Puerto Ricans still lack electricity, and 30 percent do not have access to clean drinking water.

You're doing a heckuva job Trumpie. Now go back to bailing out rich Texans.

Contrary View: Garrison Keillor Says Al Franken Should Not Resign

Here's What He Says an Why He is Wrong

This Forum has said in no uncertain terms that Sen. Al Franken (D, Mn) should resign because of his past conduct. The great Garrison Keillor says no.

And then there is Sen. Al Franken. He did USO tours overseas when he was in the comedy biz. He did it from deep in his heart, out of patriotism, and the show he did was broad comedy of a sort that goes back to the Middle Ages. Shakespeare used those jokes now and then, and so did Bob Hope and Joey Heatherton when they entertained the troops. If you thought that Al stood outdoors at bases in Iraq and Afghanistan and told stories about small-town life in the Midwest, you were wrong. On the flight home, in a spirit of low comedy, Al ogled Miss Tweeden and pretended to grab her and a picture was taken. Eleven years later, a talk show host in LA, she goes public, and there is talk of resignation. This is pure absurdity, and the atrocity it leads to is a code of public deadliness. No kidding.

Keillor's point is that we cannot go back and change history, and cannot judge past acts and actors by today's standards. The example he and everyone uses is the slaveholding Founding Fathers. But Jefferson and Washington were giants, they created America and the past is past, cannot be changed. But Al Franken is the present. If he were to resign, as he should, it would say that when we can recognize what is wrong and if we can do something about it, we should.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Why Is It Always So Easy to Fool Thomas Friedman of the NYT

Don't Know – It Just Is

For almost 40 years Thomas Friedman has been an intelligent and energetic and thoughtful observer of the world, and his columns and books on foreign policy and developing economies have provided great insight into the world. But he has a fatal flaw, an incurable optimism that defies reality.

Friedman is famous for believing that the U. S. could reform and rebuilt Iraq into a western style democracy. That failed, as it had to, but Friedman never learned. Now he is gushing over the potential reforms in Saudi Arabia that have little chance of succeeding in the long run. He writes about the current leader, whom he calls M. B. S. and that person's anti-corruption/modernazation drive.

But guess what? This anticorruption drive is only the second-most unusual and important initiative launched by M.B.S. The first is to bring Saudi Islam back to its more open and modern orientation — whence it diverted in 1979. That is, back to what M.B.S. described to a recent global investment conference here as a “moderate, balanced Islam that is open to the world and to all religions and all traditions and peoples.”

The problem of course is that unifying force of the Arab and Persian Middle East is hatred of Jews and Israel. The leaders of Saudi Arabia will have to unite the different factions, and will do so by continuing and increasing their attacks on Israel, both verbal and military. They cannot do otherwise a and still stay in power.  This will be under the radar, but it will happen.

Saudi Arabia will always be a hotbed of hatred of Jews. Call us when that nation recognizes Israel, but we won't be standing by the phone. You can fool Friedman most of the time, but you cannot fool those of us living in the real world.

Why Tiger Woods Plays Golf with a Anti-Black Bigot Like Trumpie

And Other Snarky Comments on the News

  1. The great golfer Tiger Woods is trying to comeback from injuries and his own bad behavior in his private life. So he played golf with the Grabber in Chief. Given the attacks that Trump has made on black athletes one has to wonder what Tiger's motive was. The answer which is obvious to anyone who has observed Woods over his career is that Woods only cares about Woods. If golfing with the President will help Woods he will do it regardless of what Trump thinks about African Americans in general.

  1. Ivanka Trump is going to India to represent American women in business and how they an succeed. Of course her recipe is have a daddy that does everything for her and manufacture in low wage countries.

  1. This Forum has called for Nancy Pelosi to speak out more for Democrats. Having watch her defend a Democrat whom she would have not defended were he a Republican we are changing our minds. Please Nancy, just go back to wherever it is you hide out from reporters.

  1. Al Franken is pathetic, walking away from reporters after he returned to Washington. Please go Al, just go, now.

  1. It is not true that Roy Moore was banned from the show, The Teenage Dating Game, but only because there was no such show.

  1. Who beside the Congress knew that taxpayer money was funding secret settlement for wrong doing by people in Congress?

  1. No, the Bill Clinton situation is not relevant today. Yes he should have resigned but tha was 20 years ago. Now it is only a poor excuse by the GOP to defend child molestation.

  1. The people who charge the Washington Post is fake news tried to produce fake news but the so-called fake news paper found them out and didn't report the fake news. Expect Trumpie to complain.

  1. No one should be fooled about Republicans not voting for the tax cut bill. With a close vote in the Senate the phony recalcitrants are just trying for leverage to get their pet projects in the bill. It's what Dems did in the passage of ACA.